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Josh and Katie took over the Restaurant in late 2010. The Silverspoon had been in the community for 10 years and was about to shut its doors. Josh and Katie wanted to see if they could apply the business skills they learnt at McDonalds to another aspect of the restaurant world. 

So far, so good.  

Josh is a regular guy and Katie is beautiful girl. Josh and Katie actually met at McDonalds in Silverstream, they fell in love, married and now have a wee son called Jacob.

Josh dropped out of 6th form at St Patricks College, his dad reluctantly agreed only if he found a full time job.

He took up a cleaning position at McDonalds Upper Hutt. 5 days/week at 6am Josh would head to Macca's to clean the toilets and car park. After 5 years of hard work Josh was overseeing 70 staff and controlling a multi million dollar budget.

Josh and Katie are both involved with the management team to ensure the Silverspoon is providing an excellent dining experience. 

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