Here at the Silverspoon we are blessed with amazing staff. Find out more about the team and why we think they are awesome. 

Tim Barber - Head Chef

From our kitchen comes mouthwatering food, designed and created by our cheerful perfectionist Head Chef, Tim. With 10 years’ experience, he proudly runs the Silverspoon’s kitchen. Tim is a funny, cheerful and approachable guy who puts the stereotype of grumpy chefs to shame. He is passionate about creating delicious, high quality food for our customers and we think he is phenomenal at it.



Michelle Vonsydow - Service Manager

As well as being a mum to two beautiful daughters, Michelle leads our team of wait staff. Experienced, passionate and onto-it. Michelle is hardworking and friendly with a natural ability to make all people feel valued and cared for. She strives to take our Silverspoon team to new levels of excellence. We love that Michelle is always looking to provide efficient, personal service and is willing to go the extra mile. 


Shaquille Whiting

We call her Sharky and she is full of character, cheeky, fun and eager to learn. Shaq is training to become a chef and is learning to run the kitchen when Tim is not around. Someone who takes everything in her stride and not fazed by much, a young lady of a versatility of skills, she takes every task on, providing beautiful meals for our customers.


Isabel Work - Teaspoon Manager

This classy young lady started out with the Silverspoon when she was in her first year of university. Graduating last year, she put her hand up to run the Teaspoon full time. On the front lines of all that is happening at the Teaspoon, she played a major role in the design and opening, we are proud of how well she has taken on her latest role. Find out more about her and the Teaspoon at

mindy headshot.jpg

Mindy Lord 

Joining our team as a waitress at the beginning of this year. Mindy has become a bright personality and familiar face at the Silverspoon. She approaches everything with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. A caring young lady with a real heart for serving, so she fits into our team perfectly. 



Nikita is a young lady with a bubbly, gentle and sweet nature, which makes her a perfect waitress. Nikita works part time with us at the Silverspoon, on evenings and weekends as a bit of a star. She is far beyond her years in competence and maturity and provides top quality service to all those who come in our doors. 


Just starting recently as a waitress, she has already come a long way in the short time she has been with us. Grace is a friendly face and gentle personality that you will often come across in the evenings and weekends. She is a very capable young lady and we know she is going to continue being a valuable asset to our team.


Dan is the quiet guy who works behind the scenes to make sure the chefs have clean plates, pans and all other necessary items needed to put together meals for our customers. Dan works with us part time in the weekends, and although you might not ever see him, he is there slaving away over the sink and the steaming dishwasher.